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On Ed Hoffman

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Just ran across this on the net, reproduced verbatim:

In early 1990's, my dad introduced me a deaf man name Virgil "Ed" Hoffman at Texas Instruments (TI) where we employed there at this time. I am glad I get to know Ed as associate and co-worker even we were in different departments. We had many deaf employees in 70's to 90's. I was like 22 years old at this time and I wasn't really pays attention everything what he told me.

He always talked about JFK shoot-out which happened in Downtown Dallas on November 22, 1963. He witnessed shooter(s) during the JFK shooting. At least that's what he expressed he saw it and told FBI eventually. Beside JFK, he likes to talk about money – his kin is wealth even he working for TI for many years. He usually came over where I work and chat with me for an hour or so. I recall one time – he showed me Christmas card that signed by Kennedy family. He said they always mailed Ed the card every year.

Of course, I was still new at TI – Ed already talking about his retirement. As far as I know Ed and his wife has one daughter who happened to be lawyer today. After his retirement, a couple moved to Colorado (I think) and lives his dream – log cabin home. He does visit here in Dallas & Fort Worth once a while to see his old friends. They used to live in small house at Grand Prairie, Texas – my dad took me over there one time when my dad wants to check out Ed's new satellite dish. It was huge one!

It was no secret that Ed doesn't has many friends – many people (particularly his group) doesn't like him because of his wealth status and as well as his attitude toward to them. It was also known that he doesn't give away any money toward charity but one of his close friends told me he does gave away to non-related deaf charity organization. He even refused to step into deaf club in Dallas. They have long history which I have no idea about it.

Whenever Ed and I talked about JFK stuff, he doesn't tells me everything because of on-going investigation. (Who Knows?) I know some of his so-so friends told me that Ed isn't tells the fact – tries to become celebrities in some way. I don't thinks so. However, when I began doing little research on Google, I was amazed there's a lot of information out there! I am getting to understand better now than 15 years ago!

Bottom line, Ed struggled with FBI and other people back then and all of it before we have better system such as ADA and Section 508. It was hard to believe they called him deaf and mute everywhere. Sigh.

If anyone of you still keeps in touch with Ed, please tell him I say hello!

Grant Laird Jr.


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