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Conman targets truthers

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From Screw Loose Change (links to source material in original)


Who Is Gregory Louis Hoover?

The answer is that he's one of the newest Troofer heroes, the plaintiff in Hoover vs Beck, the Troofer lawsuit (still not filed) against Glenn Beck for defaming the 9-11 Troofers by associating them with the Holocaust Museum shooter, James von Brunn. Here he is on with Alex Jones talking about the lawsuit:

He's got a website where Troofers can contribute money to help out with the lawsuit:

Your donations through Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover will support this legal challenge - without which, "they" win.

To donate, simply click on the following address:


Checks and cash donations may be made payable to:

Gregory Hoover

125 East Merritt Island, Cswy.,

Suite 209-303,

Merritt Island, Florida 32952.

Here's a photo of our aspiring litigant:


And here are two more photos:


Taken from here.


And this does not appear to be the first time Mr Hoover has been taken into custody:

8:50 a.m. April 29. Arrested: Gregory Louis Hoover, 46, of XXX Mcleod St., Merritt Island. Charge: failure to appear/felony.

Obviously arrests are not convictions, but he's got several of those as well. Note Mr Hoover's incarceration history:

* [The link at SLC is dead this one should work:

http://www.dc.state.fl.us/InmateReleases/d...ionID=913442181 – Len]

He served 2 years for robbery without a gun from 1981-1983, then nine years for another robbery without a gun (apparently concurrent with another robbery sentence in another county), then another year and a half on cocaine possession charges. So out of the last 28 years, he's spent 12+ years in prison. I don't have any information on the most recent arrests but if convicted I imagine he will be adding to that total substantially.

Big tip of the hat to JREF Forum member Sleahead. Great find!

Update: You can also check his misdemeanor record here by entering Gregory Hoover. He's been a busy boy. He's even got the classic "Timothy McVeigh" charge:


[Numerous misdemeanors including 4 bad check charges – Len]

And this is the guy who thinks he's been maligned by being compared to James von Brunn?

Hat tip on the misdemeanor record to JREF forum member Triforcharity.

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As I pointed out in the comments section this at least the third time truthers have hit up others in the "movement" for donations for non-existent lawsuits.

After Rodriguez v. Bush et. al. was tossed out Willie's attorney Phillip Berg continued to solicit donations for it and continued to do so even after the WTC janitor made it clear he disassociating himself with the lawyer.

More recently Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice continued to beg for donations for Kevin Ryan's suit after it had been tossed out as well.

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