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'Historical' Art?

John Wilson

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When I was at school, then College later, the use of pencils as the main choice of medium in Art classes seemed to be frowned upon (unofficially) in favour of more what I labelled "arty farty" mediums of, for example, oil paints in Fine Art. People trying to be either rip-offs of more famous works, or simply being pretencious, I thought.

Despite my participating in the curriculum and liking the other media (ie. oil pastels, Charcoal, Watercolours, Printmaking) I naturally rebelled, my personal preference for pen and pencils, also my preference for 'figurative' drawing, was not be 'wrong' simply because I am not middle class with many connections, which alot of the Art world is, I argued.

Today, much older, I still enjoy dabbling with pencils, coloured or graphite, and drawing historical warriors for my own enjoyment (some of which I have sold). I also have since won a commission from a film director to draw the storyboard for his Hollywood-financed film, currently in pre-Production, vindicating my stubbornness?

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