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A group of teachers who backed Martin Powell-Davies’ recent stand in the NUT Vice-President election

For action on workload

To defend public sector schools

To defend the rights of classroom teachers in academies and trust schools

And to resist the attacks on education whichever canaille wins the general election!

Click here to join the facebook group.

Click here for the blog

The latest Classroom Teacher has articles on workload, OFSTED, Academies and the forthcoming election.

It is a larger group than the Socialist Teacher group - something like three times as big - and therefore includes a lot of people who are not SP members.

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Well I have taken to replying to myself I see.

It is possible to download the latest Classroom Teacher onto a Kindle (if Santa brought you one) and read it in bed.


The NUT is planning action against cuts and against the specific attack on the "gold-plated" public sector pensions. Cameron boasted on the TV today that strikes cannot change government policy. The fact of the matter was that it was only the threat of co-ordinated strike action against attacks on pensions which forced the anti-union New Labour government to do a u turn.

The government far from being firm has already done a partial U turn (what is a partial U turn?) on funding for literacy and sport.

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