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Google HAARP and Haiti

Jack White

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Guest Stephen Turner

You really would think that if the US were going to target anyone with this it would be North Korea, or Cuba, or Russia or....................

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Yes one can find all manners of stupidity from the ignorant on the Net numerous false claims are made such as the quake happened on the 13th when in fact it happened on the 12th and that Haiti far from the fault zone when in fact there were major quakes in the neighboring Dominican Republic in 1946 and 2003 and is transversed by a fault line

The former centered in Semana (arrow 1st map) and the latter in Puerto Plata (60 miles westof Semana, star on 2nd map) only 50 miles or so from Porto Principe


Also Haarp involves atmospheric research and has nothing to do with seismology.



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Never try to use facts, logic or reasoning when Jack has one of his conspiracy moments.

I consider this an unprovoked ad hominem personal attack and am reporting it to the moderator. Oh.....you are the moderator.

This coming from the guy who out of the blue labeled Evan and others "goons". Let's try and be a little less hypocritical.

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