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Biography: Dave Gill

Dave Gill

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Hello my name is David Gill, I am a construction contractor specializing in remodeling, historic renovations, and all facets of coppersmithing. I spend a lot of my time teaching new hirees how to solder, bend and shape copper for home exteriors. I grew up on the East Coast here in the United States and now reside in Michigan. I have been an admirer of history, something I picked up from my father, and we both like to share and cross-reference our findings especially concerning recent history such as the JFK assasination, which after reviewing much evidence objectively and carefully believe that event was an inside job involving persons from our government and oil community. I believe JFK and Krushcev were two great men in time that were born for one single purpose...to save humanity from a nuclear war. I admire Kennedy greatly and the ideals he stood for. That is why I would like to share here with you folks what I have learned over the years.

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