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The forum comes equipped with a rather neat function called the calendar (top right on menu bar).

The calendar could be used to show when and where people are meeting, or when there are events, deadlines etc. In time it is hoped that members may wish to lead seminars etc. which could be advertised on the calendar.

It could however be used for whatever you like. Please post your views and opinions in this thread.

Richard Jones Nerzic, who is an administrator of this forum has very kindly volunteered to manage the calendar.

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Calendar...What might we use it for? Such a puzzling question... all our lives are built on “calendaring” and you are already using it the way we are accustomed to i.e. scheduled events, the most relevant ones already inserted and many more will be.

Education itself is based on strings of time, modulating or stiffening depending on the cultural trend of the period.

The Forum itself is based on time (it is indicated when you enter) but at the same time it cancels it (no actual meeting). No chats, though...at least I didn’t notice it. That might be a way of using “Calendar”: a scheduled short period of time allowing effective communication, starting from a specific topic but leaving room to the constructive spontaneity of coherent respectful people....

By the way, I like the idea of seminars, although it should be developed in detail.

I’ll be back soon. :rolleyes:

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