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New thread on Moorman LOS experiments

Jack White

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Going through piles of photos today I was reminded that there have

been more than half a dozen experiments by different people at different

times to establish the LINE OF SIGHT of Moorman's lens to determine

where she was standing...on the grass (Zapruder) or in the street

(witnesses). I plan to do one or more page on each experiment that

I know about (not including one sponsored by Thompson). All will be

named and numbered and when all are posted, then post any comments

deemed suitable. I want to do it this was so that all the postings will

be bundled together at the beginning of the thread for easy reference.

If this suggestion is not followed, I will have to resort to a SEPARATE

THREAD for each of the different experiments. Thanks for cooperation.

I will announce when the thread is complete.

ALL of the experiments came out with almost identical conclusions...

that the line of sight was too low for Mary to be on the grass.

Here is a photo from one of the experiments, showing how low the

line of sight was above the grass.


PS...one of the experiments will feature Gary Mack, who asked

to try his eye at finding the line of sight. After doing so, he left

without comment, after several adjustments of a tripod.


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