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The Great Enemy of the Truth

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Excerpt from a recent OpEdNews story by Richard Girard:

"My most recent article for OpEdNews, "Into a Thousand Pieces," has drawn an unbelievable, positive response from the readership, for which I am extremely grateful. It is encouraging to know that almost forty-seven years after the last true President of the United States was murdered in Dallas, with the three unconstitutional branches of our government in firm control of our nation, that there are still other people who mourn him and desire some form of justice for him. And for ourselves as well.

A summation of the article is this: the set-up and cover up of John F. Kennedy's assassination precludes any theory that does not include the National Security State apparatus' involvement.

Folks, this includes any theory where Lee Harvey Oswald is the lone gunman....."

Full story: http://www.opednews.com/articles/1/The-Gre...100301-813.html

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