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From the 1990 manuscript/book {before and after 22 Nov. 1963}

"No honest Conservative really believed we were trying to do more than calling the Liberal establishment Communist sympathizers

in order to replace Liberalism with Conservatism. But we unknowingly were being used to install this present {ultra} system that

is surreptitiously wielding { since the murder of JFK} ever power of the US. government to force the extension of a purely

materialistic-religious empire that is intent on redesigning the entire world it it's own "communal" image! An effort that includes

brute force and isolation of resistant and entire nations.

These and their supporters , who wield this stolen power, expect to continue for hundreds of years in control of the present system

now so wrongly titled Republican & Conservative, and in the future BY ANY OTHER NAME. { i e, Republican or Democrat}.

An extremely costly seizure of the Republican Party was the urgent and powerful first step for for entrance...into the legitimate

political scene...their revival of Conservatism was merely as a title, a semantic weapon , to display opposition to the Liberalism

that dominated both Democrat and Republican parties... The more important purpose of exploiting this title was it's value to draw-in

the sincere, influential and ideological conservative to serve our cause in many ways.

We were also instructed to infiltrate the Democrat Party apparatus at every level . The Democratic Party was taken over at every

level and it's Liberalism was Forever Neutralized!

So we welcome into the Society {John Birch Society} A, who disagrees with B's ideas on how to fight the Communists; and B who

dislikes A; and C who looks scornfully at both; and D who is to rabid;and E who is to restrained; and F who can stand no one

except those that land on middle ground; and G who wants to get his gun and Come out shooting {if only we said the word}

"Finally and probably most importantly of all courses of action, we would put our weight into the political scales in this country just

as fast and far as we could". JBS

"...unless have enough of awakening in this country, and enough of a rebellion against the appeasement policies of our government

outside, and it's communizing policies inside America the Communists are going to succeed. JBS

"...In the course of awakening America there was/is a rapidly rising identification of the policies of the Kennedy administration

with the plans of the Communists. JBS

"For unless we can eventually, and in time, reverse by political action, the gradual surrender of the United States to Communism,

the ultimate alternative of reversal by military uprising is fearful to contemplate.JBS

"...we are opposing a conspiracy, our determination to over throw an entrenched tyranny is the very stuff of which revolutions

are made.JBS"

...the result of failure in this fight most positively be concentration camps,or worse, and soon, we must all stick together or we

will surely hang separately. JBS

President Kennedy stated," the very system of government is in dire peril and may not survive my term in office" Kennedy was

describing the severe threat posed by extremely powerful cooperative civil and military sedition at work.

JBS John Birch Society Objectives.

People think of us as primarily an anti-Communist organization. This causes many misunderstandings. THE TRUTH IS THAT OUR


December 1963

A few days after Kennedy's death in Dallas,Texas, JBS leader, Robert Welch boasted to us, their followers that their plan had

succeeded .

" And we take tremendous encouragement from the one huge victory we have won over the Communists, We have become

very much part of the cast, in the final act of this gory performance. And I mean that statement very literally!


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