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Complexity and Collapse

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Harvard's British imperialist professor Niall Ferguson has

an article in {Foreign Affairs} which says in word-to-the-wise

fashion that the world (what he archly dubs the American Empire)

is about to undergo an extremely rapid-fire catastrophic

collapse. For instance, "What is most striking about this

history is the speed of the Roman Empire's collapse. In just

five decades, the population of Rome itself fell by

three-quarters.... What Ward-Perkins calls 'the end of

civilization' came within the span of a single generation."

What follow are paraphrases of two of Lyndon LaRouche's

discussions about this today. More will follow tomorrow.

We've got this thing by Ferguson, right? The Ferguson thing

is not to be understood as a strategy, or something kooky. It's

essentially a statement by those circles which he represents, of

where the existing policy of the British and the Obama

Administration's dummies, are going to go, or intend to go. So,

therefore, they're not giving you a strategy; they're giving you

a sense of where the situation is going to be, on which strategy

will be based. So, they're outlining a destiny in Hell. And

now, therefore, the next step is, which Ferguson did not supply,

is: What is the strategy you're going to use for the Hell you're

going to create? So, it's a triple envelopment, not a double.

It's like Friedrich der Grosse, in terms of Leuthen. He

turned it into a triple envelopment, and defeated handily a

superior force.

Well, the point is, his implicit intention is to forecast

this sudden, total collapse as inevitable. Therefore, the

question is, if that's going to be the condition of the world

you're leading into, how are you going to cope with it

strategically? So, he doesn't give away his strategy; maybe he

doesn't have a strategy, but he has a picture which he estimates

this is going to mean for the world.

And that's where the problem comes up where people don't

think in those terms. They all think in, "Who's winning?"

Ferguson is celebrating Shelburne as the founder of the British

Empire. It takes a certain kind of cynicism to do this sort of

thing. He's saying the collapse, as far as he's concerned, is

on. Now, he's saying to you, if you're a strategist, now figure

out the strategy you're going to use. There's a certain element

like H.G. Wells kinds of scenarios.

The intention for impeachment of Obama is widely visible in

the U.S. now, as reported below in the Briefing. Now, this is

also just what you're getting from Ferguson. Ferguson is making

a map for so-called insiders. Now, given this map, which he's

implicitly taking as predetermined, then, what happens next? Now,

you have to solve the problem of what happens next?

So, the people get sucked into the thing, but not seeing the

difference between a scenario like that, and a strategy. Then

they become the victims. The moves towards impeachment? Obama's

a sucker in this thing. Obama's doomed. The end of this thing

is, Nero commits suicide. That's the kind of game that's being

played. He may not actually commit physical suicide, but he's

going to commit political suicide. The impeachment is all part

of the scenario for the breakdown, isn't it? This looks like

it's echoing Ferguson.

We should actually, in our coverage, say exactly that. Don't

say we're predicting that; say that this is the implied

intention, whatever the actual intention might be.

Report it this way: Say that all of these moves for

impeachment are consistent with the scenario described by

Ferguson. This is not a strategy; this is a forecast of the

effects of the current British strategy. And, therefore, what it

leaves out, is: "If that's the effect, then what's your strategy

under those conditions?" So, therefore, it's not a strategy;

it's a description of the result of the current intention of

policy, and saying, at that point, "Joe, what do you do? What's


And that's where you don't get it, and that's where the

triple envelopment operation comes into play. That's the triple.

That, first of all, you delude people into saying that they're

saving Obama's Presidency. Second, Obama's going to go down.

Now, the person wants to get the world into this state. What's

going to happen next? "Oh, you want to know?" So, now, somebody

has to come along and supply strategy to match the condition

which this policy purports to be bringing about.

Number three on our part, is LaRouche's strategy for dealing

with that situation. So, that, when you're dealing with that,

it's like the caricature of Friedrich der Grosse at Leuthen. He

was outnumbered, so he did, in effect, a triple envelopment, and

won the day on the field of battle. And that's what our job is:

not to get sucked into this, but to realize what the game is, to

realize it's up to us to define a strategy to defeat the enemy's

strategy, which we have to adduce.


[What follows is a first-hand report by Cody Jones of Lyndon

LaRouche's discussion of this with the Basement.]

This is a rough sketch of what Lyn had to say this

afternoon. He said he will make this clear to everyone tomorrow

at the Saturday meeting.

Lyn came downstairs on fire, and said he wanted to lay out

very clearly what policy is going to be. First off, anyone who

is lining up behind Obama is an idiot. Obama is on a suicide

mission, and anyone who defends, or lines up behind him, is

committing suicide. He knows he is a suicide case, which is the

Nero in him. Nero was a suicide operation, and Obama is saying

as much with the line he is pushing on health care: "If I don't

get this bill, I'm dead." Well, he's dead either way, and the

suckers are lining up behind him to be slaughtered.

Meanwhile the British, through this Ferguson piece, are

letting their insiders know that they are planning for and

seeking catastrophe, that it is an inevitable consequence of

their actions. Their intent is to destroy the U.S.--and take the

rest of the world down with it, as exemplified by the way they

are playing and using Obama. The Ferguson piece is study, a

thematic study, a kind of road map for the oligarchs of what is

to come, and telling those in the know, that this is what we have

to plan for and be ready for. We will sacrifice many of our own

along the way--there are too many players in the game as it is,

but we are positioning ourselves to control the wealth as it will

exist and be defined in a collapsed world. They are looking for

the value that they will control in this new world.

So the suckers will be drawn to defend a losing position in

the Obama Presidency; meanwhile, the oligarchs plan for survival

and control in an apocalypse. Those are your options A and B;

but we will carry out a flanking maneuver, which is option C, the

cosmic ray project.

This will be an operation to show the stupidity of the

positivists, to negate the positivists, by demonstrating what the

real universe is, showing the fundamental paradoxes that arise in

their world view, as we prepare for 1-G accelerated flight. If

you think that you're going to take an accelerated flight into

empty space, you are a damn fool,-- you find out real quick that

space ain't empty, it's a highly structured harmonic field. We

will define value from a future oriented perspective, determined

by the intention to colonize Mars and master the phenomenon

associated with cosmic rays. This will be our triple envelopment



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