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Biography: Mitchell Warriner

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I was born in Corvallis, Oregon in 1983. I graduated from Everett High School in Washington State in 2001, and then enlisted in the United States Army in June, 2002, receiving an honorable discharge in 2008. I studied and received a BA in American History at the University of North Dakota, and I am making plans to enter law school in the near future. I am currently residing in Portland, Oregon with my wife and two daughters. My interest in the assassination of President Kennedy began at the mere age of 8 years, and by 16, an article was published in the newspaper about my research and arguments with former-President Gerald R. Ford regarding the Warren Commission Report. Another article was published in March 2010 announcing my work being done on a book, entitled "The Consequence of Truth," regarding Jim Garrison's investigation which will be finished soon. I have interviewed numerous people involved with the Garrison investigation and the Kennedy assassination including President Ford, Perry Russo, Lou Ivon, Dr. Paul Peters, Col. Fletcher Prouty, Harold Weisberg, Vernon Bundy, Numa Bertel, the Garrison family, and many, many others. My interest is the Kennedy assassination, however, I consider my expertise the Garrison investigation and Shaw's trial.

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