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Oswald in Holland

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Oswald in holland

Hi everyone, first time poster. Just wanted to make everyone aware that I contacted the author of the new book http://www.leeharveyoswald.nl/, which seems like a great and interesting read, unless of course you speak Dutch...

The Author, Perry Vermeulen, was kind enough to let me know that there is no plan so far for an English translation, but forwarded his publishers web address so that those interested in a possible future translation can let them know of their interest. So let them know. Seems like he might have some interesting things to say about this perplexing time in Lee's life...


P.S, thanks to all the great posters on this site. There isn't enough time in the day to read trough all this valuable info.

take care all, Steve

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Thanks for this post in 2010 Steve, just found out its existance :) My second book was published by another publisher: the one you are referring to wasn't that good. Yes: I think he should have translated the first book, it was interesting enough for the international market!!

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