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Woman Patrols/WPS

Helen Barnard

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I am concerned about the references to women police in Spartacus.

In terms of the London Metropolitan Police, the following is true.

Margaret Damer- Dawson and Mary Allen of the WPS (First World War) had little or no impact. The played No part what so ever in the official policing from 1919, they were specifically excluded.

Mrs Sofia Stanley is the important figure, the first paid woman officer in 1917 and later the first superintendent of the Metropolitan Police, women patrols. The detachment numbered 110 and served from 1919-1922 when the Geddes Act cut the numbers to 20. Do not place the WPS above them, a court case in the 1920 led to the WPS changing their name to Woman Auxilary Service.

Key books, A Woman At Scotland Yard, Lilian Wyles.

The British Policewoman, Her Story ( with which I have issues) by Joan Lock.

The Feminist Freikorps by R M Douglas.

I have written about Mrs Stanley, the women of 1914-1918 and the women of 1919-1922 and my PhD is about the Inter War years.

In terms of the Metropolitan Police it is the Women Patrols of the NUWW that are important not the WPS. :unsure:

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Sorry for the delay in replying. I assume you are referring to these pages on my website.




Could you please let me know what I have said that is incorrect on these pages. I will then of course correct these mistakes. However, if it is about interpretation of the sources, we may have to agree to disagree.

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