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My name is Emil Snizek... I was born in Coconut Grove (Miami, FL) in '76 where, as far as I've read, both E.Howard Hunt and Cord Meyer had houses and the JM/Wave station wasn't far away. My father was an experienced sailor who often went down to the Keys and I have memories of going along with him as a child.

There are many odd and great stories about my father from the 60's and I'm in the process of trying to get his FOI files to confirm some of them. He once told me that he was in Chicago having a drink (I'm guessing sometime in '62) and talking to a bartender down in the basement bar of a skyscraper, when he realized that he'd been drugged (probably by the bartender, who he now realized had been hitting on him). He tried to leave and stumbled out the door into a massive crowd of a few thousand people crowded on the sidewalks. Not knowing why they were there, my father pushed through the crowd and fell into the street where JFK's car almost hit him while driving by as the president waved to the crowd. He said that the Secret Service briefly interrogated him in an alleyway because they'd thought he was lunging at the president.

I have a blog largely based on gaining an understanding of Oswald at:


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