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Patricia Corby

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I have been meaning to do this for months but time seemed to disappear somewhere - I teach F2F at a southern Tasmanian suburban secondary school and also deliver Business Studies Online through the Tasmanian Online Campus. I frequently use blended learning in the F2F classroom offering students various online options in terms of projects, communication and interactions.

I have been an online adult student taking part on Ikarus 2003 Virtual Learning Environments and moderated in the same course in 2004. I also have been honoured to act as a judge for Global Schoolnet student projects. Whilst not at all an academic paper writer I have shared some ideas through various on and offline magazines, one which caught particular interest being http://www.curriculum.edu.au/eq/summer2002/html/bridge.htm

I find sharing in forums such as this one enriching, the exchange of ideas and information is so frequently enlightening and enjoyable. I wish I had more time to dabble! :o

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