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Fetzer once again asssociates with anti-Semites

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Obviously not all truthers are anti-Semtic but all too frequently those lines cross. One such sites is rediscover 911 which includes essays such as

How World Jewry Pushed America Into WWII


Jews Posing as Muslims


Forth of the 11 members of the site's "Development Group" is "Dr. James Fetzer".

In an essay on the site he is is listed as the site's "admin". In that essay he quoted one of his previous essays:

The man who directed their release was Michael Chertoff, now our Director of

Homeland Security, who is a joint US/Israeli citizen.

The Controller of the Pentagon at the time $2.3 trillion went missing was Dov

Zokheim, another joint US/Israeli citizen.

Others in the administration with dual citizenship include Paul Wolfowitz,

Elliot Abrams, Richard Pearle, Douglas Feith, "Scooter" Libby, Eliot Cohen, and

John Bolton. Do any of these names sound familiar?

An especially interesting case is Michael Mukasey, our new Attorney General, who

was also the judge on litigation between Larry Silverstein and insurance

companies over the events of 9/11.


I would like Fetzer to document his claims all the above were dual nationals. It

seems simply being Jewish is enough for Fetzer to make such an assumption. And

one of the people he named, John Bolton, is a Lutheran who was born in Baltimore

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