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Barb Junkkarinen

Barb Junkkarinen

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I am nearly 53 (ouch!) years old, a part time homemaker, mother, wife, editor/writer of a hospital lab newsletter, with my education and background being in clinical lab with 25+ years experience. I also write/edit marketing materials as a part time home based business. I am a long time researcher (20+ years) into the assassination of JFK, and thus my interest in your forum. I have been published in both the US and Great Britain in assassination related journals, my work is referenced by Dr. David Wrone in his book, The Zapruder Film, Reframing JFK’s Assassination, which came out last year, I have attended several conferences, have been an exhibit presenter at a conference,

and have been asked, and conducted, small group presentations on the assassination to people interested in the case.

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