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- An interview with Jonathan Sandys -

On July 20, EIR reporter Anton Chaitkin interviewed Jonathan

Sandys (pronounced "sands"), Winston Churchill's great-grandson

and a representative of the Churchill family. Sandys moved to the

United States in 2008 at age 33, married a Texan, and set up the

{Churchill's Britain Foundation} in Houston in 2009.

Chaitkin phoned Sandys after viewing an LPAC-TV video (see

video transcript in Documentation section of this briefing) of

Sandys' speech at a meeting of the Clear Lake (Texas) Tea Party,

in which he urged the secession of Texas from the United States.

Sandys told Chaitkin that he has been interested in the

breakup of the United States since moving to Texas. He has met

several times with Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has suggested

that Texas could secede.

Sandys said Perry plans to visit England and install a

plaque at the site of the Texas embassy -- which the state has

maintained in England ever since gaining independence from Mexico

in the 1840s.

"You may well see a repeat of 1861," Sandys said, the

launching of the slaveowners' war of secession, the American

Civil War. He said Obama's U.S. government is alienating the

allegiance of the states, and indicated that should "38 states"

(where he indicates there are secession movements) decide to

utilize their Constitutional right to secede, the British will

heartily welcome them into a special friendship.

"If Texas leads the way and goes out," he said, "Britain

will establish a new special relationship with Texas. This will

be in writing," as opposed to the special relationship with the

USA that was only informal. "In fact, Texas already has its own

long established special relationship with Britain," he assured


Sandys described the real welcome that Anglophilic Texans

have given him, as a representative and spokesman for the

Churchills. He said he had frequently seen Pamela Harriman,

former daughter-in-law of Winston Churchill who later married

Averell Harriman, when she was in England for Churchill family


Jonathan Sandys' mission in the USA reflects his family's

long history of "America handling." Winston Churchill, himself

the grandson of Wall Street speculator/New York Times owner

Leonard Jerome, took over managing Harry Truman after Franklin

Roosevelt's death.

Duncan Sandys, grandfather of Jonathan Sandys, married

Winston Churchill's daughter Diana in 1935. The next year, as a

Tory Party member of Parliament, Duncan Sandys spoke in favor of

Nazi Germany's right to take over Central Europe, in line with

the trans-Atlantic Astor family's "Cliveden Set" pro-fascism.

Duncan Sandys served successively as Britain's Secretary of

State for Commonwealth Affairs and Secretary of State for the

Colonies from 1960 through the assassination of President John

Kennedy, into 1964. He was a trustee with David Astor of the

Parliamentary Group for World Government and World Security


In 1972 Sandys became chairman of the Tiny Roland/Royal

Family company, London and Rhodesia Mining Company ("LONRHO"),

stalwartly supporting colonial Rhodesia's white ruler Ian Smith

against the efforts of blacks for majority rule.

Jonathan Sandys told the EIR interviewer that he was

unfamiliar with British reporter and intelligence figure Ambrose

Evans-Pritchard. But Sandys' eager involvement in internal USA

secession politics reflects and continues the operations of

Evans-Pritchard when he was stationed here as a London

{Telegraph} correspondent in the 1990s.

Using scandals against President Bill Clinton,

Evans-Pritchard agitated for anti-government action by networks

connected to private militia movements he himself promoted and

helped organize. (Evans-Pritchard's "militia" agent Jon Roland is

currently the Libertarian Party's candidate for Attorney General

of Texas.)

Among these British-manipulated groups were Texas secession

movements, some of which are still operating in tandem with the

Texas presence of Jonathan Sandys.

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Documentation of Jonathan Sandys speech in Clear Lake TX.

JONATHAN SANDYS: I'm not going to take too much of your

time, but I want to just tell you a bit about what's happening

abroad. I want to tell you the response we're having in Britain,

over America, and particularly over Barack Obama. We are

absolutely disgusted by what your President is doing, and has

done. Thus far, he has insulted my country no less than five

times! He sent the bust of my great-grandfather from the Oval

Office, straightaway back to the Embassy in Washington. He told

it to "get the Hell out of here."

On his way back from coming to visit my country, his wife,

having hugged my Queen -- not curtsied, but hugged!...

Now, guys, who stood with you on September the 11th, 2001,

when the Twin Towers came down? Does anyone remember that? Yeah?

Who was there?

Who stood alone for a year, during World War II and didn't

surrender? That was the British.

Who did you guys fight in 1776? [laughter] Okay, you

slaughtered us....

I don't have a vote, but I would kill for a vote, because I

want to get that man out of the White House! ... I have never

come across a bad Republican, only a very bad Democrat! And he's

sitting in the White House! And next to him is sitting a woman,

who was a member of an organization called the Black Panthers!

Now, the African-American community complains about the Ku

Klux Klan, and rightly so, for what they have done and what they

did. But somebody needs to mention to the press about the Black

Panthers. Somebody needs to point out that this organization is

incredibly racist, even more so than the Ku Klux Klan! ...

{Let us get Republicans back in the House and in the

Senate.} Let us send a message to that man in the White House:

"Your days are numbered!" ...

You are Americans and you are proud of it. But more to the

point, guys, you're Texans! {This} is where it starts. This is

the state that has the guts. This is the state that has a

governor, who threatened to secede this state! It is not going

to be long, before 38 states decide they, too, are going to

secede! Join me!


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A Look Back at Britain, Secession, and Texas

July 20 (LPAC)--The bold, hostile interference inside the USA by

Britain's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the 1990s, and by Churchill

family representative Jonathan Sandys today, reminds us of the

British project known as southern secession, the slave-owners'

Confederacy. Beginning several decades before the Civil War,

Texas was central to British imperial attempts to destroy the

United States and recover domination of this hemisphere.

Britain sent their envoy Charles Elliott to Texas during its

fight for independence from Mexico. Having redeployed from China,

where he had started Britain's opium war, Elliot worked to

prevent Texas from being annexed to the United States. Though he

failed in 1845, the anti-U.S., British underground networks that

Elliott left behind made up the core of the 1860-61 secession

movement fighting against the Union-loyal governor, Sam Houston.

Quoting from {Treason in America, from Aaron Burr to Averell

Harriman}: "A particularly chilling example" of these networks

was "the case of Edward House. His father Thomas House was a

British merchant who came to the Texas province of Mexico in the

1830s. The elder House did not stick by Sam Houston when Houston

fought against Secession; Thomas House made a fortune as a

British national, carrying arms from Britain through the Union

blockade to Texas. After the Rebellion was defeated, Thomas House

returned to England and educated his son Edward at Bath. Years

later, the young man returned to America to tend his father's

cotton plantations; he despised the United States as an enemy

land, and retained a fierce loyalty to Great Britain. {This was

``Colonel'' House, who directed the foreign policy and much of

the domestic affairs of the United States during the

administration of President Woodrow Wilson} ... the years of the

World War and the League of Nations. President Wilson was not

unsympathetic to House's viewpoint--his own father had been a

Confederate Army chaplain and slaveowner."

With the help of Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Colonel

House established the "special relationship" with America's only

real enemy, the British Empire. Texas still remains infested with

international jet-set oligarchs and their die-hard Anglophile

would-be aristocrat American friends, who have welcomed Jonathan

Sandys and his new secession projects.

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