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Terry Priest

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A friend of mine, recently deceased at 99 yrs, was a bodyguard for Leon Trotsky. I have a website detailing some of the adventures of his life,


Pick the obvious link. (I am also an amateur photographer.) The website is currently (August 2010) being reorganized.

I think Oswald was a patsy, we landed on the moon, the U.S. needs to be demilitarize.

I have been an engineering designer for 30 years, metal fabrication and machinery.

edit: by coincidence, Trotsky was assassinated by a lone nut, first story, 70 years ago today, aug 20, 1940.

second edit: 911 was not an inside job. it was a crime against humanity. its a very serious charge to make and i think is reckless if you pretend you understand exactly what happens when you fly a jetliner into a building.

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