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Lyndon Johnson is MISSING in the famous Altgens photo

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

Chris, Bernice, Pat and others,

Thanks for all these great contributions to these this thread: photos, Zapruder film of LBJ, eyewitnesses statements (I think Lady Bird is coordinating her lying with Lyndon. Like Ralph Yarborough said, there was no room in the back for Rufus Youngblood to be lying on top of Lyndon.

My thoughts now are Lyndon is stilling sitting up at the time of the Altgens photo, I think he is that black blob, with a shiny spot on his forehead and a silhouette of his right ear; LBJ seems to be turning to Lady Bird, JFK has already been hit in the throat, and Lyndon Johnson is JUST about to dive into early duck mode. With Rufus Youngblood NOT on top of him. jmho.

Keep those LBJ photos of him in the motorcade coming. They are extremely informative!

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Thank you Chris.


Thanks for those photos, Chris. Keep those photos of Lyndon Johnson in the motorcade coming! In the Altgen's photo, I am beginning to think that that dark blob to the right of Lady Bird is Lyndon Johnson turning and facing in, just as he goes into duck mode.

I seriously doubt if the Altgens photo was take a full 5 seconds after the first shot.

Also, it is possible that 2 shots have have occurred at the time of the "first shot."

Does Kennedy seem to be already hit in the throat by the time of the Altgens photo?

Please keep posting photos of LBJ in the motorcade. Thanks!

That's why I wonder about Altgens not winning the Pulitzer Prize for this paragraph. Yes, Kennedy is reacting to the throat wound. So much is in this picture. No wonder Altgens denied taking it. He was scared for his life.

Kathy C

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