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A CIA officer called me with the intention of my identifying

a Cuban G2/DGI officer in the US, and who had brutally

interrogated me in Havana headquarters whom I later had exposed

as being in the US. illegally. His name, Francisco Vega.

This CIA officer instructed that I was to fly to New York to identify

the Cuban spy.

My response to him was that I would not fly there

but would be glad to travel by train only, as I feared an aircraft

could possible be hijacked to Cuba placing me into the hands of

Cuba which I had previously spied upon for US. Intelligence and

narrowly escaped.

The CIA agent said laughingly, no one would hijack a plane from

California to Cuba. Within short time of the intention of being

flown to New York, a plane was hijacked in California and landed

in Cuba!

Expendable, I think so!

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