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Micro False Flag

Steven Gaal

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Flase Flag operations come Big and Small........this micro false flag...


It is now being reported that Denver Mayor Hickenlooper’s non-profit organization had helped fund this agitator group Re-create 68 in order to secure the 50 million dollars in Federal funding to beef up the police state that was in effect during that time.

“The protest group Re-create 68 was one of the biggest annoyances in the long run-up to Denver’s hosting the 2008 Democratic National Convention. And now we find out that a non-profit the mayor of Denver helped establish years ago actually funded Re-create 68 as it tried to disrupt the mayor’s greatest challenge pulling off the DNC.

The 2010 gubernatorial race just keeps getting stranger.

Re-create 68 caused Denver officials months of headaches, and the group’s over-the-top comments contributed to fears that cost taxpayers millions of dollars in security preparations.

So it was a great irony, and somewhat exasperating, to learn that the Chinook Fund, which Mayor John Hickenlooper helped establish, funds the group and others considered “too risky or too radical” by mainstream foundations.”

These high security events and the black block anarchists are being used all over the nation as an excuss to inject millions in DHS and Federal funding into city police forces in an obvious bid to upgrade the police state weaponry in counties all across the nation.

This new revelation about the Mayor being directly involved with the funding of this group comes as no surprise to those of us who sounded the alarm during that time, but this information needs to get out especially since Hickenlooper has thrown his hat into the Governor race here in Colorado.

The race for the Governorship in Colorado has become a political nightmare with all the republican scandals and now this revelation that Hickenlooper has funded provocateur groups in the past. This is not the kind of mayor this state needs and his role in this fiasco needs to be fully investigated.

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