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Protecting Parliament from Terrorists

John Simkin

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Not for the first time this week I have been shocked by the incompetence of our masters. First of all it was the security of Buckingham Palace. It seems they were surprised that someone would use a ladder to gain access.

Then there was the scandal of the costs of building the Scottish Parliament. Like the Butler Report no one was named and shamed. It seems that politicians and civil servants must not be showed up for the incompetents that they are.

Finally there was the security of the House of Commons. We were told we had to invade Iraq because of the threat of terrorism. Yet security is so lax that protestors can invade the House of Commons. The following day it is revealed that a reporter smuggled a fake bomb into the building.

With the security so lax one has to question whether the government every really thought that it would be the victim of a terrorist attack.

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