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I have worked with Bill Weston and Bruce Adamson on research. One time I even sent a doc to Armstrong that he didnt have. I mostly look at the "who" above the Grassy Knoll . The key to the "who" IMHO lies with the work of Donald Gibson, Lisa Pease's articles on Free Port Sulfur & JJA,Palamara's SS works, Bill Davy's Let Justice Be Done, Bartholomew's Rambler work, Bruce Adamsons volumes and the PD Scott Works - self published Dallas Conspiracy & Deep Politics I,II,III.

I then combine these JFK books with what I call JFK related works - THY WILL BE DONE, SECRET WAR AGAINST THE JEWS, GOLD WARRIORS, AMERICAS SECRET ESTABLISHMENT, THE CRIMES OF PATRIOTS,SECRET AGENDA and the new book STRENGHT OF THE WOLF. I also look into any book on the MAFIA & CIA and also company histories and law firms. Sometimes there is in a JFK related book with just one tiny tidbit of info, like in AMERICAN SWASTIKA -- the CABOT corporation hired in the summer of 63 Otto Von Bolschwing. Now this one tiny tidbit of info would mean nothing unless you had the background of other info from other works such as Lisa Pease's Free Port Sulfur Material and THY WILL BE DONE book. I thus suggest deep reading where elites & the intel community meet to understand thev JFK matter.

When RFK kicked off his campaign in CA at the Ambassador, I saw him speak there live, as a 14 year old kid . On TV at home, I saw RFK speak at the podium I saw him at a few days before, telling people "on to Chicago...". I went to sleep with the TV on. In the morning the TV was still on and well .....its been a long stange trip since then.

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