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I am Steve Campsall, a 51-year-old teacher of English and Media Studies at The Beauchamp College. This is a mixed comprehensive upper school, with ~2000 students aged 14-19 years. The school is in a village called Oadby, which is on the outer edge of the city of Leicester, in central UK.

Before beginning teaching in 1996, I was a marketing manager in the pharmaceutical industry, travelling far and wide around the globe.

I run a popular web site for students of both GCSE English and English Literature, located at www.englishbiz.co.uk since about 1998.

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Steve neglects to add that he is also a very generous sharer of resources, which he does via the English Language email list. I guess he will be doing it here too, now.

If you are interested in the Eng Lang List, look here:


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