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Frame 312

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from theeagle.com

by Tom Turbiville

November 7, 2010


Make no mistake, this play, written by Keith Redden, is fictional. Lynette (played by K'Lynn Childress in the 1960s and by Maggie McGraw in the 1990s) has a deep secret. She possesses and has been hiding the original Zapruder film for 30 years when she finally decides to tell her children that she owns the conclusive evidence that Oswald did not act alone in the killing of Kennedy. But the play's make-believe premise is that federal officials actually confiscated the film from its owner Life Magazine and altered it starting at frame number 312, making it appear conclusively that Oswald had indeed acted alone.

The play's focus continues not only on the pros and cons of the conspiracy theories, but the effect it has on Lynette's family.

Full article: http://www.theeagle.com/lifestyles/-Frame-312--supposes-Zapruder-film-was-altered

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