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Someone recently commented about Finland being an odd place to enter the CCCP.

For a time, in the fifties my mother worked in a travel agency there and she tells me that it is a traditional well used point of entry.

Talk about six degrees of separation. My dad may have been processed by Walker in Norway. My maternal Grandfather was close to top German Generals in Finland. They often deplored the liquidations that followed the NAZIS during Op Barbarossa. They conspired to keep the CCCP Leningrad supply lines open. His best friend in the German Finnish high command was assassinated by Hitler as a result of his role.

Anyway, from way back to before the founding of the Kingdom of the Rus (Russia) by the Vikings, across Finland (and down the Volga) was the traditional route into the land of the Rus (as the Vikings called the people they found there) while trading with Persia.

edit add and of course it was the point of entry of the soon to be victorious Bolcheviks, Lenin in particular, back at the time of the revolution

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