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Rex Alfie Lee

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My formative years were spent in Broken Hill, NSW where I was born in 1958. I moved to Adelaide, SA at 19 & completed both Registration in General & Psychiatric Nursing there before moving to the North Coast of New South Wales. After a year as a Psyche nurse I studied Associate Diploma in Business Computing at the Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education. After completing the diploma I transferred to Sydney, NSW & worked as a Cobol programmer & batch systems control as a Computer Systems Officer at Telecom. Since then I have worked in many positions as a nurse & after having children & moving to Hobart, Tasmania I completed a Computing Science degree & have worked on & off as both a nurse & a programmer.

After seeing the movie "The Falcon & the Snowman", with Robert Redford & Sean Penn, a supposedly accurate portrayal of the American political problems I followed up on one statement from the movie. The statement by a high-ranking American official, "We're going to oust an Australian government" raised my interest & I have been heavily involved in spreading the truth as I see it on Australian political agendas.

During the John Howard years as Prime Minister, I noticed most written media, basically tabloids, were partisan & therefore manipulating the public. Positive Liberal (Howard's party) sentiments were front page news where as the Labor (opposition party) would not get front page. Negative views for the Liberals would not come front page & would be small articles where as Labor would get front page for some gaff. I had a private group that I would update on a regular basis any media entry that backed this & reminded all of them the various lies brought out by Howard. He continues to maintain some of these lies.

My interests in the leaked Wikipaedia information heralds some support for my locally depicted view as paranoia. These interests are not only about Australia & I understand why the Americans are so opposed to its release. If it shows in any way the recent manipulation of the Middle East, let alone Australia, then their policies are likely to be challenged not only by each affected country's heads-of-state but also by their own populace as they will realise the poisonous activities conducted by their own government. I can't wait to read it.

There have been many comments entered by me on political commentary as well as the politics within the computing world under the name Rex Alfie Lee. I don't hide behind a pseudonym as I believe to be taken seriously one has to be up-front & take responsibility for what one says.

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