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Natascha Furegati

Natascha Furegati

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My name is Natascha Furegati and I am a Swiss teacher trainee. I was born in 1980 in a small town near Zurich. I started primary school when I was seven years old. After six years of primary education I went to the secondary school for three years. Then, I studied for four and a half years at the "Gymnasium", which can be compared to the "Grammar School" in Britain. After my graduation I went straight into the training course for secondary teachers, which in Switzerland takes four years. Now, I am in my fourth year. This means that I will hopefully graduate next summer. The graduation will be quite hard because I have to succeed in all the five subjects that I studied. The 5 subjects will be English, German, Arts, Geography and History.

I am planning to start teaching as a supply teacher in order to get experienced before having my own class. Unfortunately, the teacher training was based more on theory than on practical training. Therefore, I have to get more practice before working fulltime as a secondary teacher.

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