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Michael Bartus

Michael Bartus

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My name is Michael Bartus, age 60. I have a BA in Philosophy and have had a life-long interest in the JFK assassination. I visited Arlington in 2008 and late in 2009, began an essay on my impressions of the JFK assassination. I recently finished the second draft. It has 130 pages and I believe it is unique in the assassination literature, mainly for fingering Dulles, Helms, Phillips, E. Howard Hunt and Jame Angleton as the cabal which composed the conspiracy against JFK. I've recently gotten much more interested in the Kilgallen episode and wanted to pursue that in the Forum, especially in connection with the Journal American and the Pataky evidence, if any. I have incorporated much new material released in the last few years, including Brothers, The Old Boys, Inside the ARRB, On the Trail of the JFK Assassins, and Farewell to Justice. Great works on the assassination have left much unsaid and no one has tried to tie the loose ends together in the way I have. I'm now working on the notions of the New World Order, Bilderbergs, Trilaterals, and the CFR as the possible movers of the plot, over-and-above the CIA. Its an interesting thesis which Craig Roberts touched upon in his Kill Zone book. I look forward to some fruitful discussions.

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