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Klaus Popa

Klaus Popa

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My name is Klaus Popa. I was born in Brasov/Kronstadt in Transsilvania/Romania on November 11 1951. I studied Ehglish and German on the University of Cluj-Napoca in Transsilvania between 1970-1974. Starting with 1976 I worked as a teacher for English and German at different schools of my hometown. In 1989 I decided to resettle in Germany, after all the members of my family had gone to that country. Thus I arrived in Germany in the summer of 1990. In the end I got a job as a teacher of German for ressetlers from Russia of German origin, which job I continue to do with interreptions until today.

My interest in history goes back to the period in Romania, where I dealt especially with the mythology and religion of the ancient Greeks and Romans and with topics of mediaeval Transsylvania, especially with the Germans of Transilvania, who had been settled there by Hungarian kings in the late 11th and early 12th century.

My interest in these topics is unbroken until today, although I turned to the study of the Nazism of the Germans of Romania - starting this topic in 1997. The results of latter studies are to be seen in the biannual review "Halbjahresschrift fuer suedosteuropaeische Geschichte, Literatur und Kultur". Some of my contributions are presented on my websites "Kritische Blaetter zur Geschichctsforschung und Ideologie" and "Die aktuellen Themen".

I also deal with the text of Macrobius "Saturnalia", which I translate from Latin into German for my own use.

Klaus Popa, MA.

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