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Just name: origin, meaning

John Dolva

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This is one of the last topics and/or post I will make for some time.

The purpose is quite simple.

It's a notion that has occurred to me that may or may not be of relevance.

I know practically nothing about this person and look at it as more of an opportunity to learn from those who may know something.

There is speculation on my part, which can be ditched while the core matter of the topic may lead somewhere, or not..



Meaning of Joannides

:Generally (googling) the name seems to be: )

''Joannides Meaning: The meaning of Joannides has not been submitted. If you have the meaning of Joannides, please submit it with along with any reference pages referring to the meaning of Joannides.''



various googled sites.

''Our original surname was Geourgiou for some reason my Grandad changed it to Joannides when he came to England from Cyprus''

''I was wondering about names too, and the -oglou suffix in particular. ... So Greeks with surnames ending in -oglou are of Turkish descent?''

''The North African equivalent of the Oriental Caravanserai, a Foundouk, is essentially a building with multiple functions. It has served weary travelers as a ...''


Passenger Joannes Georgiou Foundoukoglous

Arrived aboard the Kaiser Franz Josef I on July 25, 1913

Batch Number: P00070-1

Packet Number:

Record Number:

Page Ref. Number: 143

Page Line Number: 0025

First Name: Joannes Georgiou

Last Name: Foundoukoglous

Age at Arrival: 19y

Gender Code: M

Marital Status: S

U. S. Citizen? No

Ship Crew? No

Nationality: Turkey Greek

Place of Residence: Cerassous, Turkey

Standardized Place of Residence:

Ship Name: Kaiser Franz Josef I

Standardized Ship Name: Kaiser Franz Josef I

Ship Arrival Date: 25 Jul 1913

Ship Arrival Port: New York

Departure Port: Patras

Standardized Departure Port: Patras, Akhaia, Peloponnessos, Greece

ID Number: 100701060206

Ok, ignore the speculations (i.d. or aka Joann..es Georgiou. When looking for Joannides, it appears one is looking for a madup name, from the central asian region, Turkey, Cyprus.

If made from Georgiou then what to, if anything, to make of G. Joannides?

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Guest Tom Scully

John, there are 82 of them listed here,


Six of them are named George, and the one featured on a Simkin, Spartacus page appears to be among the six. Maybe there are leads to be found in the other 81 names on the list?

I don't know that you'll reply to this. Do not become a stranger to us, please.

Edited by Tom Scully
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Tom, I'll reply on the matter of not becoming a stranger. The other is what the thread is about and I can offer nothing more than the thoughts/speculations, already expressed, regarding what, to my surprise, seems to be an odd name with a possible significant origin location. People can make of it what they will.

There are simply a number of matters that when taken as a whole, for now, begs prioritising. That will also change hence my open ended statement. Anyway, thank you for your comment. There are few topics I read these days and there are few questions I'm asked which at this time fits well with the goings on in my life at the moment. What I do read often impresses me and I think significant steps forward are taken. Perhaps it's because I don't read many topics it seems to me that the forum has matured in many ways and irrespective of my degree of participation, perhaps non participation, I feel comfortable in, for now, putting this matter on the shelf is appropriate for now. I'm not going to resign / unresign / go on strike et.c. . I like to think of it as a sabattical, best to all, John.


ps, no, Paypal, the paypal account is not mine, I'm not a member of Facebook, I don't like my edress being used by whoever is permitted by Facebook to impersonate me, Pfizer, get st..fed, etc, tho as I don't read my own press, or the spam related to it, merely note its being, I really find it's more amusing that it's happening than minutae.

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