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where was "Poppy" bush

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I am about a fourth of the way through Russ Baker's "Family of Secrets" and I have a question for members. Can anyone point me to the direct quote/source of the oft-repeated declaration that George H W Bush said he couldn't remember where he was on 11-22-63? This is a perplexing puzzle. Baker says that Bush was in Tyler, Texas speaking at the Kiwanis Club where he was informed, while he was speaking, that JFK had been assassinated. Bush then stopped his speech in deference to the slain president. Baker cites only one witness—a former VP of Kiwanis named Aubrey Irby (2007 interview). The question that immediately comes to mind is, if Bush was at the Kiwanis Club, in front of a gathering of club members, why would he say --if he in fact did say -- that he couldn't remember where he was? It seems to me that if he was at the club and was told in the middle of his speech that the president had been shot, then that moment surely would be thoroughly embedded in his mind.

The upshot of my missive is that if Bush did say he couldn't remember where he was that day, then it seems likely that he wasn't making a speech in Tyler and the scenario was fabricated. If he was in Tyler that afternoon, how could he possibly not remember that moment? Also, surely other witnesses to Bush's speech could be found or have come forward to attest to his presence at the club. In closing, I would add that I have seen the photo purported to be Bush standing in front of the TSBD and, to my mind, it is not conclusive. Feel free to email me at my new address:scearfo@gmail.com. Thanks. Steve in Phoenix, AZ.

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