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I dunno if this is at all related to this stuff, but I have found that idle browsing in the English forum is difficult, ...unless I log into a thread pdq I find myself brought back to this front area of the board

I am afraid this problem is being caused by the forum’s security settings. Over the last few months we have suffered from coordinated attacks by right wing groups in an attempt to bring our site down. They do this by specially designed software. One way we can deal with this is by forcing members to go to the home page. A cookie will be delivered into your browser and after waiting two seconds you will be allowed to move around the website. The only problem you will have is if you have set your browser not to accept cookies.

The problem often occurs when people are sent a URL to visit. They click on the URL and as soon as they get there, they are taken to the home page. The way to solve this is to copy the URL (Ctrl – C). Go to the home page first. Wait 2 seconds and then paste the URL into the bar at the top. You will then be taken to the thread you are looking for.

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