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JFK and the Unspeakable

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Those in dreamland like to discredit the movie "JFK" wholesale and there is not enough opposition to that. Jim Marrs and many others have done a great job letting us know what really happened.

Even if these folks are off a little, clearly their ( private researchers ) version is far more accurate than the bull we were forced to believe.

"The assassination of John F. Kennedy was like the sudden coming of a tornado that sucked people up into death, both Kennedy's death and their own. One such victim was a woman who predicted the killing of Kennedy, Rose Cheramie.

Lee Harvey Oswald was being systematically set up for his scapegoat role in Dallas, just as Thomas Arthur Vallee had been set up as an alternative patsy in Chicago.

Vallee escaped that fate when two whistleblowers, Chicago Police Lieutenant Berkeley Moyland and an FBI informant name "Lee," stopped the Chicago plot. Oswald was not so fortunate in Dallas. His incrimination by unseen hands continued. Oswald, or someone impersonating him, continued to engage in actions evidently designed to draw attention to himself, laying down a trail of evidence that could later be drawn upon to incriminate Lee Harvey Oswald as the president's assassin.

However, the Warren Commission ended up ignoring or rejecting much of that evidence, because it indicated the work of intelligence agencies at least as much as it did the guilt of Oswald."

JFK and the Unspeakable Washington and Dallas

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At 10:30 A.M. on November 22, 1963 Sheriff Bill Decker held a meeting in preparation for the President's visit to Dallas that day. Decker had called together all his available deputies, about one hundred men. They included the plainclothes men and detectives who were especially important to the president's safety as he passed through the streets of Dallas. Decker gave his assembled officers an unusual order.

The Sheriff said that they "were to take no part whatsover in the security of that motorcade. " The Sheriff told his officers they were simply "to stand out in front of the building, 505 Main Street, and represent the Sheriffs Office."

Sheriff Decker gave the order of noninvolvement to his security teams just two hours before the president's assassination in Dealy Plaza, which was just outside the window of the sheriff's office.

As Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig later reflected back on the sheriff's words, he realized that Decker had withdrawn the Dallas County component of President Kennedy's security at the motorcade most vulnerable location only a few feet away.

Washington and Dallas

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