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From: dman177@juno.com

Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 03:18:34 +0000

To: johnsimkin1945@hotmail.com

Subject: Robert Merritt NYC CADDY IS A FRAUD AND xxxx! EXPOSE THE TRUTH!!

Dear Mr. Simkin,

I had the utmost respect for you and your Education Forum website until you allowed Douglas Caddy to post garbage and outright lies!

Mr. Simkin, you are allowing your readers and yourself to be duped!!

I think it is very unfair and certainly one-sided when you allow someone like Douglas Caddy to libel other people like myself and who cannot reply because your website is for members only!

Don’t you find it rather odd that Douglas Caddy boasts and claims to be this great author of “Watergate Exposed” and then, writes a libelous letter to the FBI and others against his co-author?!

I would like to inform you and your members that Douglas Caddy is a pathological

xxxx!!! And I can prove it!!

When I revoked the Power of Attorney and any agreements between Caddy and myself, then, he felt stripped of all power and control of Robert Merritt!

Douglas Caddy was legally removed of these so-called contracts because it was discovered that Douglas Caddy was actually a snitch or working for the CIA!!

The CIA’s goal was to have Douglas Caddy to pretend to be the author in order to extract all the information and secrets that I hold regarding Watergate, White House connections and intelligence agencies! Then, when this was to be accomplished (which did not happen!), - Douglas Caddy was to take the book to the publisher and even get it printed but Caddy and company had planned to shut the distribution of “Watergate Exposed” book down!!

Have you or your members ever noticed that Douglas Caddy completely stays away from the subject CIA and John Dean or his wife Mo Dean who was a whore and a madam at the Columbia Plaza across the street from the Watergate complex??!

Douglas Caddy will never address these subjects under no circumstances!

Douglas Caddy will never talk about the facts, which involves himself in the real conspiracy and collusion with John Dean, E. Howard Hunt and the pre-arrangement to represent the Watergate burglars for the arraignment on the morning of June 17th, 1972!!

Mr. Simkin, I have been following your website for the past couple of years and somehow, I got the impression that you are an honest man with integrity for the yearning to expose and reveal the truth!!

I have only and merely scratched the surface on the subject of Douglas Caddy and his clandestine and covert nefarious acts and deeds!!!

If you really want the truth or at least to allow both sides to be told, then, I am implore you to allow me to be a member so the truth can be told!! Then, this way, you can allow your members to explore the truth for themselves!

You have my full permission to post this letter on your own personal website!!!

Very truly yours,

Robert Merritt

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