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From: "dman177@juno.com" <dman177@juno.com>

To: kgoodman@amselmedia.com, publisher@trineday.net

Sent: Sun, Apr 10, 2011 06:34 PM

Subject: Debbie NYC See: Psalm 17:1 and Proverbs 12:13

Kent, (ET AL)

I agree 100% with Douglas Caddy that “subjects that are controversial” - (and especially regarding serious matters concerning facts and history) with co-authors could “sell books”!!!

However, I don’t consider it lightly to be exploited, - and to write a false FBI letter for publicity stunts and to have sent it to the FBI, Commissioner of NYPD and to post it publicly on the Education Forum!! If those nefarious acts had not been committed against me, then, I might have been much more receptive to the idea and I might have even reconsidered working with Douglas Caddy!

Despite the fact that Kris and Doug seems to think that I have no credibility I have not done anything as of yet against Douglas Caddy publicly and officially, - except revoking my Power of Attorney and relinquishing the Agreement between Doug and I, which was done very privately.

So, unless Douglas Caddy can think of a way to rectify those matters in an amicable way, then, it will be *“Sorry, no go”! *(meaning, - I will not accept having my arm twisted to work with Douglas Caddy regarding this book or divulging any more information)!

I am sorry to everyone involved with this situation that I am being very stubborn but since certain people think I have no integrity, then, I guess I have to stand up for myself and my own credibility and integrity and the truth! And please, be rest assured that I am not alone! This is very sad in a way because “Watergate Exposed” could have been a *best seller! *( now, I am convinced that my book “Watergate Exposed” will be a best seller because now, finally, the truth is being told that was left out of the book intentionally by Douglas Caddy! Also, when people read “Watergate Exposed” with the understanding and knowledge that never before in literary history has a book ever been written about a famous confidential informant trying to expose the truth and the infamous co-author being exposed with his involvement with the CIA and trying to destroy the book, - “Watergate Exposed”!!)

I think you might be able to determine that I am getting a little fed up with this whole situation and I am not as desperate as some may believe, so I hope this matter has a very expedient resolve and that it is resolved – forthwith!!!

Also, the secrets of my life and my role as a CI were barely scratched on the surface!

As I have said from the beginning, “I don’t give a damn and I never gave a damn who believes me or not”! My role as a CI regarding the enclosure of “Watergate Exposed” and the disclosure of secrets not in the book are simply for my reporting of things I did, events that I was involved in or acted out and/or in conspiracy were not for me to explain but to merely to report in which I did very truthfully in “Watergate Exposed”!!!

I am not a historian, journalist or a student of Watergate, COINTELPRO and intelligence agencies! I was a soldier simply following orders and not asking the reasons why!!!

Why, - is the job and the task is left up to experts and the historians to explain, - not me!!

The secrets that I hold from what I understand then and now are quite damaging but I can assure anyone reading this now that they will never be told! Perhaps, in the next century, if people are still interested in the subject, then, they might learn the TRUTH, - however, they can get a good start on the truth by reading “Watergate Exposed” and in addendum, my postings on the Education Forum!

Robert Merritt


There are unlimited questions that could be posed to Douglas Caddy and I will present a few but guess what!?! Douglas Caddy won’t answer not even one question truthfully!!!

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