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On May 31, 1972, Rita Reed, age 26, was a young, vibrant and beautiful drag queen from a small coal mining town in West Virginia went to work at 3 PM at the Columbia Plaza Apartments Complex as James Reed.

I am sorry but I can only call James Reed as “Rita” and refer to his gender only as “her”!

As a boy, James Reed was a tall and thin shapely girl and he was extremely effeminate in a most natural way. James was a handsome young man with black hair and deep black eyes and a natural olive complexion for a white boy. Rita looked exactly like Marla Thomas with a very soft spoken voice. Rita was very honest who never lied and she was always self-sufficient and independent. I was very fortunate to have known her and to be a friend even though I did betray her confidence, which led to her death. I regret this more than anything in the world! I am not making any excuses but this is further evidence on how I was thoroughly brainwashed by the government.

When Rita went to work on her last day of May 31, 1972, she made a mistake in listening in on her PBX switchboard to hole #2, which was supposed to be an empty line for an extra telephone installation within the building complex, - that line was never used before until the last week in May of 1972.

Rita overheard people talking about the Watergate Apartment Complex, which was across the street from the Columbia Apartments. Rita said “They were speaking very harshly of President Nixon and they referred to a code name as CRIMSON ROSE and coming to a full bloom.” Rita also said “They were talking about the Democratic National Committee Office within the Watergate Complex and the breaking-in of those offices on Sunday, June 18, 1972.”

On June 1st, 1972, Rita came to my apartment at 2122 P Street, NW around noon.

I had never seen her so scared and upset. She asked me to go for a walk with her. She said that “She did not want to talk to me in my apartment for fear that it was bugged and did not want to talk while we walked on the street for fear that our conversation could be picked up by long-range audio means.” Rita suggested that we enter an area that would make it difficult to monitor our conversation. We chose P Street Beach, which was about a half block from my apartment. It was a favorite location for persons who liked to lie on the hill’s sloping grass to get some sun or to socialize. At the bottom of the hill was a wooded area with a trail. Once we reached the woods and began walking south on the trail, Rita visibly relaxed, having previously been in a pretend-playful mood and at the same time extremely nervous. I knew something was amiss because Rita rarely had a serious moment in her life. As we continued walking down the path in the wooded area, Rita started to recite a short poem that she had composed.

This poem went like this:

Down by the bridge

Through the trees

Onto the green

Back into the forest

With the trees in full bloom

With their beautiful green leaves

By the water

We walked down the path

Along the creek

And we came upon an old gate

That was in the middle of the water……..

We had walked to the end of the trail and suddenly there in front of us was the complex of the buildings known as the Watergate.

Rita raised her right arm and with her hand pointing to the Watergate and said “Butch, this will be the fate of the President of the United States.”

I had promised Rita that I would never divulge or betray her confidence in what she had told me but I did, - and I never saw Rita after that to this day!!!

James Reed aka Rita Reed, a most beautiful drag queen and a loyal friend obviously lost her life behind my betrayal was the real first hand source and felled victim to the real secrets of the history of Watergate and like Rita said “This will be the fate of the President of the United States” but little did Rita know that it was also her final fate as well!

I am sorry Rita and may you be with God!

Robert Merritt

Posted May 31, 2011 / June 1, 2011

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