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Having been more than a political activist, 50s 60s & on

I can say that Kennedy, Johnson and all involved in

activities of those times it was widely known about the

blowing direction of embedded political and subversive


This powerful domestic subversive movement merely

reacted to all Kennedy government initiatives via

creative propaganda and actions,followed in their

'5 year program' 1958-1963 to seize control of total

U.S. Government apparatus represented by their many

'agents within' every agency, bureau, service and elective

offices, concluding with death of Kennedy, and the

sudden service to this New Americanist cause of a

fearful Johnson.

Edited by Harry J.Dean
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Using the 5 year idea. one year that particularly comes again and again, when I look at the assassination from my perspective, is not only 1958 but also to, to me, a greater degree is 1953. So many things appear to have a genesis then and so many significant events occurred then. ( I'd even go as far as 1948 and back to the formation of the Pullman Porters Brotherhood ). Ignoring the bit in parenthesis, Harry, do you see a connection of things from 1958 back to 1953?

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Hmmm.. Interesting how my perspective kept me from noting something I was fully aware of re 1953.

Thank you for that Harry.

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