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JFK: Relax, no one is going to shoot me

Douglas Caddy

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Relax, no one is going to shoot me, JFK told secret service agents after 1960 election

By Daniel Bates

Daily Mail (U.K.)

Last updated at 12:16 AM on 20th September 2011


President John F Kennedy ridiculed the idea of being shot – just three years before he was assassinated.

Following the 1960 election he told one of his aides that Secret Service security was excessive and he was not at risk.

Kennedy insisted: ‘They’re making me uncomfortable. Nobody is going to shoot me, so tell them to relax.’

In November 1963, however, Kennedy was gunned down by Lee Harvey Oswald in an assassination that would change the course of history.

Kennedy’s concerns emerged in a series of audio tapes made in the 1960s by his aide Kenneth O’Donnell and recently unearthed by O’Donnell’s daughter.

The tapes also include an eerie premonition from Kennedy about his son, John Jnr, and how his love of flying could end in disaster.

He said: ‘John (Jr) loved helicopters.

‘He would race over and get on a helicopter, and when it was time for us to leave, he refused to get out of it.

‘The poor Secret Service would take John kicking and squabbling off the helicopter or the plane.

‘The president said to me: ‘The real question I’m going to have to face is when he’s old enough and wants to learn to fly’’.

In 1999 his father’s concern proved accurate when JFK Jr died in a plane crash.

John F Kennedy was shot dead whilst his motorcade drove though Dallas in Texas on November 22 1963, sparking a string of conspiracy theories.

They centered around the idea of a second shooter who may have fired on the president as well as Oswald.

Premonition: The President said that his son John F. Kennedy Jr's love of flying could end in disaster. He was killed when piloting a plane which went down over the Atlantic in 1999

Footage of the incident appears to show smoke from a gun rising out of a grassy knoll close to where he drove by.

There has also been the suggestion that two men could have been moving around on the sixth floor of the book depository where Oswald fired from.

An initial inquiry, known as the Warren Commission, concluded that the killing was his work alone.

It also found that Jack Ruby, who shot Oswald dead before he could stand trial, was not part of a cover-up.

In 1979, however, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations found that the killing of the president was in fact probably the work of a conspiracy.

The Kennedy family has recently been rocked by the death of Kara Kennedy, the oldest child of the late Senator Edward Kennedy.

There has also been renewed interest in its affairs after the release of seven controversial interviews that Jackie Kennedy recorded in 1964.

Her criticism of Martin Luthur King and conservative views on the role of women have shocked liberal America, which regarded her as one of its heroines.

She also revealed that after the Cuban missile crisis ended in 1962 he darkly joked that if anyone was going to shoot him ‘this would be the day they should do it’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2039383/Relax-going-shoot-JFK-told-secret-service-agents-1960-election.html#ixzz1YhGMIaCL

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