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The Phoenix Program

Steve Rosen

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Members may find this article of interest by Zalin Grant, journalist and Army Intelligence veteran, who wrote FACING THE PHOENIX: The CIA and the Political Defeat of the United States in Vietnam


The article is about Tran Ngoc Chau, inventor of the Phoenix Program. The article is adapted from Mr. Grant's book, which can be found at

at Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/Facing-Phoenix-Political-Defeat-Vietnam/dp/0393029255.

Facing the Phoenix is a great book, deeply researched with many original interviews and participants who knew Mr. Grant and gave him unprecedented access to their experiences.

Here is a link to an interview with Tran Ngoc Chau:


Chau's book Vietnam Labyrinth should be published in 2011 or 2012, and according to Grant, Chau "worked on his history of the Vietnam War for 20 years and was lucky to find a professional American writer who put his manuscript into excellent shape. This will be the first and only substantial work about the war written by a Vietnamese, either from South or North Vietnam."

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When and where did he invent it? Is there a mention of the precursors such as that active during the JFK presidency. (I'm sure I'm wrong, but it was called something like op ''sandwedge'' or something that evokes for me that name.) ? I wonder what Chau was up to then?

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Great new book out by a Green Beret who served in Vietnam; J Charles Egan - The Lords of September

Fulton Books available on Amazon

Egan entered the Navy in 1959 at age 17 and soon after his 38 year mother died along with her 11th child Jeff. ( all of the Egan's first names in his family begin with a J )

Instead of taking a hardship discharge, he completed his time in the Navy, only to join the Army after that. Then he became a Green Beret and served in Vietnam

Very interesting account of his time in Vietnam and his trips back home during that time..

Edited by Peter McGuire
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