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What is it you want to know?

Everything about him he was with my father and Sturgis when my father was killed on the boat.


I have a little on him I'd be willing to share because of the situation as you describe it. It is not for further distribution. Contact me privately.

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What is it you want to know?

Everything about him he was with my father and Sturgis when my father was killed on the boat.


I have a little on him I'd be willing to share because of the situation as you describe it. It is not for further distribution. Contact me privately.

I respect that, I have been open with all the information I've come across, after talking to Pujol he gave me the Castro did it story and it made sense NO Russians involved, however, after talking to Posada he tells me a differant story that makes perfect sense and admits to Bush Sr. being at Dealey Plaza the day Kenneny was killed. I have over 3 hours of video with Pujol, Posada, Tony and Nino Diaz, the only reason they invited me to they're house's here in Miami was because they knew my father. I was told the dad my father was killed Richard Poyle was with Sturgis. Thank you Greg for any of your help, it has been the mystery for 33 years and now it starting to shed light on what happen to my dad the day he was killed after talk to Tony and Posada who knew him best. My email is scott@kaiser-industries.com

Again, thanks Greg!

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Guest Tom Scully

Irving Richard Poyle mentioned here :


....Here is a suggestion of a better thing for you to do with your time than adding Bohning as your friend. It so happens that the former CIA asset with the cryptonym AMRAZZ-1 is not only still alive and kickin', he is openly and frequently op-editorializing, too. Why not do your job and ask him about all of this, before it gets any later, as he is now 84 years old. By the way, AMRAZZ-1's old buddy, James K Cogswell III, aka "Jack", aka "Jake", was once married to Joan Farish, first cousin of GHW Bush's best friend, Will Farish III, and was a mutual friend, with Bush, of Lee Harvey Oswald's best bud, George DeMohrenschildt.








Gaeton Fonzi asked Veciana if he ever dealt with Mitch Werbell: "No. But he said that you were going to ask him about Masferrer now. (Why?) Because there was a lot of business between Masferrer and Werbell. They say that Masferrer was killed as a result of his dealings with Werbell." A CIA report dated April 25, 1966:

a. On the morning of April 17, 1966 before going to the Hudson Institute – R AMRAZZ-1 visited his friend, James Cogswell. The latter will be remembered as being involved in fund raising for the Price Pelaez Plot to kill Castro.

b. Cogswell told AMRAZZ-1 that he was expecting Antonio Veciana at that moment. Veciana, Cogswell said, was in on a plan to assassinate Fidel Castro. Details of the plan were lacking. Veciana wanted Cogswell to introduce him to a (deleted) man known only as (FNU) Livingstone, from 'Winston, Massachusetts.' Cogswell's sister, name unknown, who works in Washington, D.C., presented Livingstone to Cogswell about a month ago.

c. Veciana showed up while Cogswell and AMRAZZ-1 were talking. Veciana’s surprise at seeing Razz was astounding. In private Veciana told AMRAZZ-1 that he wanted Cogswell to introduce him to a lawyer who would handle a damage suit Veciana has against a boxer for unfulmillment of a contract. AMRAZZ-1 did not let on Cogswell’s confidence. Shortly thereafter, AMRAZZ-1 had to continue on to the Institute.

d. AMRAZZ-1 was not able to see Cogswell again until April 21. Cogswell told AMRAZZ-1 that on on Sunday night, April 17, 1966, he had introduced Veciana to Livingston. The latter two had spoken in private after which Veciana came away very pleased, but did not disclose anything except that he had a plan to assassinate Fidel Castro. Veciana did not ask Cogwell to collect any funds for the project. Cogswell said he did not talk to Livingstone about his interview.

e. Cogswell told AMRAZZ-1 that Livingstone had indicated to him that he would be visiting Miami in about three weeks. Livingstone did not state the purpose of his visit. Cogswell gave Livingstone AMRAZZ-1’s name and address as a reference. Livingstone promised Cogswell to call on AMRAZZ-1 when he visited Miami.

In a dispatch titled “Alleged KUBARK Officer in Contact with Cuban Who is Planning Castro Assassination Plot" the CIA stated:

I. In response to Reference A's request for JMWAVE's views on the possibility that FNU LIVINGSTONE of Reference B may be identical with Mitchell Livingston WERBELL III we feel that there is little doubt that LIVINGSTON is in fact WERBELL. According to his file, WERBELL appears to be low level would-be con man who has a history of being involved in CASTRO assassination schemes and of professing to be connected or at least in contact with KUBARK. According to AMRAZZ-1 "LIVINGSTON" was involved with Antonio VECIANA's alleged assassintaion plot and he was masquerading as a KUBARK officer. If WERBELL's present activities are as fruitful as his past business ventures, JMWAVE believes that he poses no threat to any serious KUBARK activities.

2. LIVINGSTON has as yet failed to call an AMRAZZ-1 as ho had promised COGSWELL in Now York City.....


HSCA Volume XII: George de Mohrenschildt

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

The information came from Jack Cogswell of Palm Beach. ... Of the names, Dryer recognized Dorothe Matlack and. William Avery Hyde. .


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Can Obama rekindle 'art of the possible'?

By Joaquin Godoy

Aiken, S.C....

...The youth will always be capable to accomplish changes; they did in Egypt and they might bring about an "American spring." But it will be a sad time for all of us who had hope for the past 40 years.


I posted the first part of this post yesterday, on another thread.

(quote) name='Tom Scully' date='14 May 2011 - 02:25 PM' timestamp='1305379526' post='225596']

...Now, we know much about DeMohrenschildt...his brother was Bush's roommate's stepfather, DeM dated Jackie's mother and knew Jackie when she was a girl, he shpeherded LHO, seemed to know everyone, was important enough to "unretire" Tom Devine of the CIA, for a meeting along with Clemard Charles. 14 year after the assassination of JFK, George DeM., in the midst of an Reader's Digest assigned interview, takes an afternoon break, receives a message from HSCA's investigator Fonzi, and allegedly blows his brains out and dominates one last news headline cycle.

I submit that James K. Cogswell, III falls into the DeM and Abramoff category. The man is the grandson of a Spanish_American War Admiral hero, and the nephew of a 20th century naval standout. A WWII destroyer is named after the two, and Cogswell, III serves on the ship as an officer, with distinction, through many combat perils, until after VJ day and the occupation of Japan.

His aunt, the widow of the second Cogswell, naval namesake, is a retired CIA secretary by 1954. Cogswell serve on the naval destroyer named after his family, during the final year of the war with the first US astronaut in space, and the fifth human to walk on the moon, Alan B. Shepard.

Cogswell seems to have graduated from The Gunnery School in Washington, CT in 1939, with the prominent Berkeley professor and mathematician, David Gale. In 1942, DeMohrenschildt rooms in Washington DC for a few weeks with naval officer Harry Hull, a man whose mother-in-law since 1939, was Cogswell's aunt, Bianca.

In 1954, Cogswell's first cousin on his mother's (Hennenger) side, Susan Estabrook Lewis, marries for life, the former OSS chief secretariat, Alvah Woodbury Sulloway .

In 1953, Cogswell, III marries for a second time, to Joan Farish, daughter of Stephen Power Farish, uncle of Bush friend, Will Farish III. Cogswell's best man was George O. Walbridge, 2d.

Walbridge turns up in a 1955 newspaper photo, standing in Havana, next to his boss, Lem Billings of Emerson Drug Co., and the former Cuban dictator Prio's former press secretary.

It turns out that both Lem Bilings and Walbridge are very close to, and employed by the grandson of the Emerson Drug Co. founder, who also is the nephew by the marriage of Nina McaDoo TO George DeM's late uncle, Ferdinand DeMohrenschildt.

Later reports, including by the HSCA, are that Cogswell, III worked for the CIA, raised money to finance at least one plot to assassinate Castro, knew and socialized with George DeM. and with DeM's other contact, Joseph F. Dryer, was a friend of AMRAZZ-1, aka Joaquin Godoy, and with Antonio Veciana, and had an only sister, Theodora, described in an HSCA report as being acquainted with "Livingston" aka Mitchell Werbell.

Let's see....did I miss anything???? ....(/quote)

Even at the OSS Society, Alvah Sulloway's was evidently such a low key presence, he was referred to in their newsletter in 2001 as "her".


OSS Society Newsletter - Winter 2001

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

journals from 1892-1997. Material includes her years with the OSS Secretariat,...


January 08, 2003 2:00 AM

Alvah Sulloway is a man who has learned throughout his career when to a keep secret and when not to.

....During World War II, Sulloway worked under OSS director Maj. General William J. Donovan in Washington, D.C.

"I was in charge of overseeing the distribution of cables ... that came in from all over the world," he said, before noting many of those correspondences were classified as top-secret...."I think my experience working for General Donovan made me less fearful of doing something different," he said....


Well, the answer to the question above was quick in coming. In the obituary of

John Farr Hawley, husband of a first cousin of Cogswell, III, Hawley's family thought

it was important enough of a detail to share the fact that Hawley was a law school classmate of John Connally, and we know that Henry Wade was a classmate of both men.



Pay-Per-View - The Sun - Aug 11, 1907

MISS KATHERINE LHEFFENGER. The engagement ofMiss KathaflneLaneHeffengerHoLifen*_ Benyouard ygan*t UniTed states Nayyi was announced*in The SbNyesteVdayvyV_& ...

Piersons Plan Long Stay at Washington

Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - Oct 22, 1933

MISS BARBARA WYGANT. Members of the younger navy set at the harbor are ... grandmother Mrs Arthur C Heffenger of Boston This is MIss Wygant's visit to the ...


Ravinia 'Music Under Stars' Opens 10th Season Saturday

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Jun 28, 1945

Lt John Farr of the naval reserve and his bride of last Salur day the former Barbara Bourne Wygant have gone to Oakland Cal to stay there ... Haw ley son of Mr and Mrs Abraham Lincoln Hawley of El Paso Tex re ceived his degree from the ...



$3.95 - New York Times - Mar 5, 1945

Lieutenant Cogswell, an alumnus of the Gunnery School and Amherst College, is a grandson of the late Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Cowton Heffenger and the late Rear...


Texas Obituaries Collection - El Paso County - 11

26 posts - Last post: Nov 29, 2010

Friday, November 15, 2002 JOHN HAWLEY was born in El Paso on October 8 ... He graduated in the same law class as John Connally and practiced ....John received his midshipman training at Abbott Hall Naval Midshipmen's School in Chicago and was assigned to LST duty, eventually participating in the landing at Leyte Gulf. After the war he was appointed to fill a judgeship in El Paso. He later moved to Montclair, New Jersey with his wife Barbara and son John and daughter...

Law School Composite Photographs Index of Names 1884-1959

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View



Bailey, E. W.

Bennett, Dale

Calhoun, J. W.

Crane, Edward

Dodson, Mattie

Hargrave, Helen

Hildebrand, Ira P.

Huie, W. O.

Keeton, Page

Moore, Lucy M.

Oliver, Covey T.

Schmidt, Benno

Shirley, Robert P.

Smith, Bryant

Stayton, R. W.

Stumberg, G. W.

Walker, A. W., Jr.

Wickes, Joseph A.


Agress, Alfred M.

Andrews, Roy M.

Barker, Howard G.

Bennett, Roy P., Jr. (Editor Texas Law Review)

Black, Earl M.

Bonner, Brenda

Bray, Clayton

Brock, Ralph

Burdeaux, Maurice

Cain, Clacy Malvin

Camiade, Emile Bernard, Jr.

Carnes, John P.

Casseb, Solomon, Jr.

Chuoke, Peter M., Jr., (Case Note Editor Law Review, Pres. Senior Class Fall Term)

Clarke, Richard G., Jr.

Cobb, Robert

Connally, John B., Jr.

Cook, Raymond A. (Permanent Secy.)

Cosgrove, Nicolas P.

Counts, Katherine

Creager, E. B.

Croom, John A.

Darr, George Charles, Jr.

Dawson, John

Dickson, Ralph P.

Doehring, Sweeney J.

Duckett, Jesse James

Eckhardt, Robert C.

Edwards, Tilden H.

Engdohl, Eugene Harold

Ferguson, Hugh, Jr.

Floore, Heard L.

Ford, John W.

Francis, William H., Jr. (Pres. Senior Law Class Spring Term)

Goggans, James Lawson, Jr.

Goldston, Joseph C.

Goodrich, William W. (Quizmaster)

Green, John Plath

Guitar, James, Jr.

Harlan, Joe

Hawley, John Farr

Hayre, J. M.

Heard, Frank L., Jr.

Heath, Milton

Herring, Charles F.

Hochman, Emanuel Moses

Holland, Bill L.

Howard, A. Ryland

Hughes, Barbara

Hurwitz, William

Huser, Paul

Hutcheson, Jr., Palmer

Huth, Alvin L.

Irons, David B.

Irvin, R. Briggs

Jackson, Randolph M.

Jennings, James T.

Johnson, Herbert M.

Johnson, John W., Jr.

Johnson, Nancy Kerr

Johnson, Robert C.

Jones, William Leighton

Kalmans, Yale

Kennedy, Harold L.

Kennelly, Clyde B.

Latham, Lynn

Lea, Ross Bowlin

Lesikar, John W.

Lewis, George L.

Loftis, Austin

Logan, John D.

Logan, Warren C., Jr.

Lore, James Andrew, Jr.

Lowther, John A.

Lucia, Vincent J., Jr.

McDaniel, Gordon D.

McDonald, Francis Goodall

McKay, Morris

Maniscalco, Peter

Markward, Forrest, Jr.

Marshall, Robert C.

Matthews, Wayne

Mays, Tom J.

Means, Wyatt B.

Miller, Bradford F.

Morgan, C. A.

Motley, Howard S.

Nelson, Louis V. (Comment Editor Law Review)

Newberry, Fred K.

Newman, Katherine Ruth

Nicholas, William E., Jr.

Oldham, Beatty

Owen, Jack

Owens, W. Wroe

Pannill, F. H.

Patterson, W. B., Jr.

Penland, Harvey

Pierce, R. M.

Pike, George E.

Pipkin, H. C., Jr.

Pittenger, William A.

Powell, Richard H.

Preston, J. M.

Pritchard, Ed S., Jr.

Rovel, Victor W.

Reams, Sam G.

Richter, Francis C.

Roquemore, O. B., Jr.

Rothell, Henry H.

Russell, James H.

Rylander, Ashlee G.

Sagebiel, Agnes E.

Sanders, H. W.

Sapp, Charles

Schwartz, Armand G.

Scott, James H.

Sellers, Robert M.

Sergeant, Frank C., Jr.

Shelton, Thomas O., Jr.

Slay, W. H., Jr.

Smith, J. Orville

Smith, W. Hightower

Sparks, Jack

Sperry, Joseph Hall

Sprain, Marvin

Staley, J. I., Jr.

Starley, J. H.

Steger, Hugh L.

Storey, W. L.

Termini, James Thomas

Thompson, James E.

Tipps, Kelly

Tipton, Tom L., Jr.

Townsend, Jack N., Jr.

Traweek, W. H.

Tyler, Fisher Ames

Underwood, J. Tall

Urrea, Alberto Trevino

Vance, Roy C., Jr.

Vaughan, Roland C.

Wade, Henry M., Jr. (President of Law School)

Walley, W. Gail, Jr.

Warburton, J. O. E.

Ward, Roy P.

Washburn, Roy M.

Wassell, J. McClellan

Watson, Hubert L.

Weddell, Robert V.

Whitsett, Emmett L., Jr.

Whittington, Marvin Edward

Wier, Max Harris, Jr.

Wood, John H., Jr.

Woodward, Nicholas R.

Wulff, Fred

In September, 1966, Irving Richard Poyle was reported to be imprisoned in Cuba and accused of crimes against the state.:


Edited by Tom Scully
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