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Grassy Knoll

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Yesterday, I paid a visit to the Grassy Knoll in Dallas via Google Earth Street View. They have updated their photos. Standing in the street near the Grassy Knoll were 2 men who looked like researchers. Then by the wall where Zapruder was trying to stay on top to film, there was another man, at one point staring right at the Street View camera. Another researcher.

The last time there it was sunny, but this day when they took the photos it was overcast. The north and south knolls were dark and shadowy. I tried to see what that white image next to the guy I saw getting up from behind the wall. In the Bell film you see this white object appear above the wall, like a person who was hiding and knew it was safe to get up before others did. That white object is a car in the parking lot?

And the Nix film shows a man shooting I guess from behind the picket fence, which was open. You can see the back of a white car (as with "Wall Man"). There is also a spark from the darkness of the knoll, nearer to the Pergola.

I still can't understand how someone parked in a Rambler above the South Knoll could have shot President Kennedy in the right temple. The position he and Jackie were in, I'm surprised she wasn't shot. I know there's a slope and twist to that section of Elm St. But I don't think it could be done, even though the limo came to a stop. Jackie's head was now very close to Kennedy's. There were, imo, at least 2 shooters on the Grassy Knoll and they succeeded.

Kathy C

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