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I just watched Nat Geo's show on Oswald. And of course, Oswald killed Kennedy with 2 bullets. The first bullet was "deflected by a traffic signal." The other 2 bullets killed Kennedy. And too, the traffic signal is not the same one from 1963. So how do they prove Oswald killed Kennedy? They show a photo of the traffic light from 1963 and could see a white nick on it, just where it would be if the shooter (Oswald) had fired at Kennedy a certain way and missed.

They showed about 2 seconds of the Nix film. You can see it accelerating, but they didn't show the Grassy Knoll where someone was firing at Kennedy from the parking lot. How do they get away with all this? When he clutches at his neck -- that's from the back? The 2 headshots, they were from the back? And Connaley must have received 2 shots.

I can't believe they keep trying to blame Oswald. No conspiracy. And now we find it isn't even Oswald -- neither Lee nor Harvey -- who shot out the window. We've got a third man.

In 1963 HL Hunt was the richest man in the world. He was also a rabid John Birch member. Some researchers believe he financed the Assassination. I wonder if there's a wealthy person in this country today who could finance the finding and showing of the Other film? Who could it harm now? The Secret Service, whose job it is to take a bullet for the President? They're in a dangerous job already. If only it was put secretly onto the youtube site.

Kathy C

See Duncan MacCrae's enlarged photo of the man in the 6th floor window.


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