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Larry Sanger and Wikipedia

John Simkin

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LOL I find it amusing that Gaal would cite this:

“The current Executive Director, Deputy Director [of Wikipedia Foundation], and their personal assistant had a reported compensation budget and other expenses of $472,000, which was excessive for an organization of its size in 2008. At the same time as the above report, publicly-funded Earth Island Institute had revenue of about $6.5 million, 15 employees (practically the same size as the Wikimedia Foundation at the time, and headquarters in the very same city of San Francisco), but the CEO earned only $67,423. The Northern California chapter of the Arthritis Foundation had revenue of $5.1 million, but the CEO was paid only $45,050. Child Family Health International in San Francisco had revenue of $4.0 million and 11 employees, but the CEO earned only $82,000. Embarrassingly, when audited by Charity Navigator, for years the Wikimedia Foundation received only 1 star out of a possible four in the important category of Organizational Efficiency. When you get right down to it, the money that people donate to the Wikimedia Foundation is more likely to be spent on an item that doesn't address the charitable mission of the organization than to be spent on something that does.”

So in 2008 the pay for CEO’s of small SF based non-profits should have been $82,000/year at most with $45,000 - $67,000 being reasonable. But Richard Gage who Gaal keeps touting was paid $80,000 in 2010 when the economy was in a lot worse shape than 2008 (let’s not for get the salaries would have been set the year before) and I assume AE911T’s revenues are not in the millions of dollars. So why is Gage begging for donations when he makes so much more that the CEOs of Earth Island Institute and Arthritis Foundation (neither of who I image travel around the world as much as he did)?


Also the $472,000 figure of Wikipedia is a complete distortion. According to the cited source that was the total cost of the “Office of the E[xecutive] D[irector]” including “relocation …[and] fundraising expenses” as well as salaries I assume there is support staff as well and other expenses.

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