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I remember this anniversary, or tragedy, every year. I mention it to people throughout the day. What happened on this date, 11-22-63, defines it as a day of infamy. We still see the damaging effects to which it has brought the US today. It's hard to believe in any respite in the future.

Our country and its people are experiencing such debt because President Kennedy wanted to use silver; but the Federal Reserve wanted to use gold, which we did not have much of but would aide the wealthy.

Think of the thousands of men, our youth, who lost their lives in Viet Nam. President Kennedy was about to take all the "advisors" from Viet Nam by the end of 1964 and let Viet Nam choose its own government.

President Kennedy wanted our money to be spent in this country, the US; instead of sending it to other countries first.

He was hated by the John Birch Society because of his civil rights bill proposal. The oil barons and big business (Bell Helicopter, US Steel, etc.) hated him, as did the families -- JP Morgan, Dupont, Rockefeller, Murchison, Rothschilds, Bush, etc. H.L. Hunt was so rabid a John Bircher, he possibly funded the assassination himself.

Kennedy's own military advisors thought he was soft on communism because he wouldn't let them send a nuclear missile to Cuba.

He promised to end the CIA; instead they put an end to him.

The Cuban Exiles hated him because he did not provide air cover to a situation about which cabinet members lied.

We see how our country has gone downhill without his policies. The US government has been taken over by uncaring wealthy people (which the Kennedys, despite their money, were not).

Even Obama is towing the line, just like the Clintons before him.

Kathy C

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