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Why Pic claimed mileage for a "family reunion"

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As shown in the thread "Pic's notebook", John Pic had noted mileage for his trip to brother Robert's place for a Thanksgiving family reunion.

The notebook also shows why he could claim this trip on his taxes. He was swapping information with Marina via his notebook.

He explained this conversation away to the WC by saying: "She being a pharmacist, and me being in the medical field we tried to communicate with each other just to make small talk with medical terminology."

Jenner then asked, "Just what was that writing, some medical terms?" " to which Pic replied, "Yes; I think these are names of drugs she was writing down. I wouldn't know."

But only the first word was the name of a drug. This was "morphinum" - Latin form of morphine. The other two words were: "diceiv" (an obvious mispelling of "deceive") and "heroics". There is no mistaking those words for any other words, yet both Jenner and Pic put on the record that they were all (probably) medical terms. Morphine, in conjunction with other drugs and/or hypnosis was used extensively by Germany, USSR and the US in behavioral/mind control/interrogation technique experiments. We're all familiar with the names such programs went by in the US.

For his part, Pic wrote the words "bilirubin", "urease", "urea nitrogen", and "transtaminase".

Bilirubin comes from the pigmented part of haemoglobin.

Urease is an enzyme.

Urea nitrogen is a waste product of protein in the blood.

Transtaminase is another enzyme.

Pic was involved in Human Radiation experiments in at least two military hospitals as head of "special procedures" in the Patholgy Departments. This is beyond question, as those hospitals were named in the mid 1990s DoD report on Human Radiation Experiments. Such experiments were conducted during the periods of Pic's postings, and Pathology would necessarily be a big part of those experiments. Moreover, the terms written by Pic would come into the blood work associated with such experiments.

Most of the pages from the notebook however, are missing from the exhibit.

This was no ordinary conversation. The excuse that using "medical terminogy" was their only way they could communicate was false. Oswald could have interpretted on any normal, everyday subject for them.

This was work - not a family reunion - and he was claiming his expenses for it.

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