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The Diary of James Kelly

Billy Swanson

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Hello to all who may read this post. :)

On another forum that I'm a frequent member of I recently started a thread on the topic of James Kelly and his potential connection to the original Jack the Ripper from the late 1800's, but upon doing some research into this character I found that towards the end of his life, and shortly after returning to broadmoor asylum after a dramatic escape around 40 years earlier, he's said to have wrote out a rather detailed "end of life confession" as it's sometimes known, or a diary of his movements in the time he went missing from 1888 to 1927. Particularly discussing his time in America for example. As far as I'm aware though nothing has ever been admitted in this diary of his but It's claimed that subtle hints connecting him to the Ripper can be found, such as, I believe, a claim that "I have been on the warpath since I left Broadmoor." And he's also said to have shown his strong distaste for certain women, referring to them as "skank."

In starting this thread however I'd like to ask if anyone out there knowns of any copy of what was in this diary of his exactly? Is there a transcript of it anywhere online perhaps? I'd love to read through it in full myself after all especially as opposed to solely relying on the claims made by the single source where I've come across it... which is this documentary titled: Jack the Ripper - In America. (Shown below)

(I'm only allowed to post a certain number of media files so I'm afraid all I can post is part 1 of this documentary)

I've not looked into all the strong candidates for Jack the Ripper admittedly, instead I've used a lot of time looking at just Kelly so I'd be grateful to hear opinions from others who have been looking into this case for a great deal longer than me also.

Thanks for your time.

Edit: Here's an interesting source on James Kelly: Casebook: Jack the Ripper - James Kelly

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Billy....all the time I've read about the ripper....I've learned one thing...all can be found in about 3 books....that's the sum total of good info that's out there, without the endless speculation...

I'm so over the claims I gave my ripper study away..but found this today, as a few weeks ago I broke down and read a recent work by an Aussie author on the black Magic aspects..not as silly as it sounds...it's an academic look at how and where these theories developed..not for the real newbies..a scholarly type tome...

Every now and then i see one i want to get...and fall into it....but nothing new has perked my interest in years...(The recent one finally gave me a name of the possible Maybrick diary forger..and why..)...

As for your question..i guess i'm not really answering it..sorry....I think that the best you can do is join Casebook and participate there..they have the goods....and I usually update my editions of the A-Z when it's released...but truly, my knowledge on Kelly is limited to whats there...he is one of the better suspects....but my mind like the solving of puzzles..and i think Jack's a..dead end....

My picks to read are Phil Sudgen's book, Paul Beggs', the Collected Letters (letters from Hell?) and Scotland Yard Investigates, and some of the better photographic books....

keep plugging away....it is hard to pull away from...


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