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Dickey Chapelle and Felipe Vidal Santiago

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Chris Cox mentioned photo journalist Dickey Chapelle in another thread and I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of an interview she supposedly conducted with Felipe Vidal Santiago?

I do know that Chapelle was along for a mission that Vidal was running which also included Roy Hargraves and Ed Collins so there was definite initial contact.

The interview supposedly went down after the assassination. This is interesting because Chapelle was supposed to be in Vietnam in late 1963 which means that if she did speak with Vidal, then it was immediately after JFK's murder.

BTW, Chapelle was killed in Vietnam during 1965 while on patrol with a Marine unit. She was the victim of a land mine.

If anyone has any information on this alleged interview that obviously never saw the light of day, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey James,

Seems like a question for Gerry.

Note to all:

pick up copy of biography of Dickey Chapelle by Roberta Ostroff-- info here:


Apparently, there's a film in the werks involving of all people Team Anniston/Pitt. Who knows when we'll see it.

Chapelle is another interesting woman who, like Howard, Killgalen (sp) the ol' ladies operating safe houses (names draw blank) found themselves in midst of some very deep stuff and unfortunately died off - stories incomplete.

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Hi Christy,

I can't get Gerry to reply to my emails these days so I've given up there.

Yes, I was reading about the movie on Chapelle. She was really tough and mixed it up well. I can really see Jennifer Anniston pulling that role off, not.

BTW, in the interview with Roy Hargraves printed in Larry's book, there is a mention of an incident involving Chapelle, where she was along for the ride on one of Vidal's missions.

I also believe Chapelle had a bit to do with Tony Cuesta and his guys. She sure mixed with interesting company.


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